Wrestling With The Deuce

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November 9, 2010 by David Gillaspie

President G.W. Bush Writes His Book

If you decide to join the Army, you change clothes.  Service to your country comes with a uniform.

The first thing you notice are the different uniforms.  Some have other markings than yours. 

It’s called rank; they have it and you don’t.

As an Army trainee, you learn to show respect.  If a captain walks by, you must salute by raising your right hand smartly to your right eyebrow and hold it there until the officer responds with an answering salute.

What you’re doing is showing respect to the uniform, if not the man.  The same routine works for the Commander In Chief, regardless of party affiliation. 

Was FDR a commie?  Was Nixon a crook?  Was Clinton a disgrace? 

As an American you need to respect the Office of The President, if not the man.

 Do you feel Mr. Bush blew into office first on the wave of a rigged vote in Florida, then an Ohio twister?

Get over it. 

If you feel Mr. Bush came to office bearing the weight of his presidential father, you might be right.

Get over it.

Was Mr. Bush the perfect president?  None of them are.

Get over it.

Did Mr. Bush agree with his top advisor’s goal of creating a permanent Republican majority?  Maybe.

Get over it.

Did Mr. Bush agree with his first Attorney General‘s choice to drape a naked statue?  Be thankful he felt the Statue of Liberty wore enough clothes, otherwise John Ashcroft might be remembered as the Christo of justice.  But he’s not.

Get over it.

Did Mr. Bush agree with the party choice for Vice President when the search leader found himself?  Dick Cheney searched for the right man for the job.  He was the right leader for the search.  No one expected him to look under every rock, but he did. 

And he found the right guy for the job. 

At least Mr. Cheney didn’t nominate himself then back down the way he did when questioned about his Vietnam draft status where he said, “I had better things to do.”

Which is the better job, Vice President of America, a job Texan John Nance Garner called “not worth a warm bucket of piss (spit)”, or President of Halliburton?  Mr. Cheney chose both.

Get over it.

Is Mr. Bush to blame for our current economic crisis?  The guy holds a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard.  He’s a Harvard MBA with an under-grad degree from Yale.  Are you?  If you need to place blame, stick it on Harvard and Yale.  He’s their product.

Don’t blame Princeton. 

For those who doubt Mr. Bush’s economic skill, consider his book release date.  Very timely.

The New York Times Business Day page quotes Tim Hayes from Ned Davis Research:

If the causes of the pattern aren’t clear, the numbers themselves are startling.  “There is a strong historical tendency for the market to trend higher over the course of the third year of the presidential cycle,” said Tim Hayes, chief investment strategist at Ned Davis Research, an investment consulting firm.

Here are the average annualized returns for the Dow Jones industrial average from 1900 to 2009, as calculated by Ned Davis Research for the different years of a presidential term: 5.5 percent for Year 1; 3.7 percent for Year 2 (which would be this year); 12.6 percent for Year 3 (which would be next year); and 7.5 percent for Year 4.

The pattern is strong enough to count as “remarkable,” Mr. Hayes said, a word echoed by many strategists.”

The real question is if the economic pattern is strong enough to sell copies of Mr. Bush’s book.  If he racks up huge numbers, he’s a genius.  If his book flies into the dust bin, you won’t change the opinion you started with.

Mr. Bush doesn’t need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows.  You might.  Was your father head of the C.I.A.?  Was your grandfather accused of helping the Nazis?  The man moved into the White House with those bags packed. 

What if he is vindicated of all wrong doing?  What if history proves him right on Iraq and Afghanistan?  What if his choices with Hurricane Katrina and the economic meltdown prove to be the best available? 

He will be the subject of classes at Harvard and Yale.

It could happen.  Why?  Because on his last day in office, Mr. Bush stood up for America while Mr. Cheney sat down.     

Maybe Mr. Cheney rolled out in a wheelchair because he hurt his back lifting heavy boxes, not something his cardiologist would recommend.  Or maybe he lost a bet.

Imagine the conversation with Scooter Libby.

Mr. Cheney: Look, we need to trash us a CIA agent so we can smear her big-mouthed husband.

Scooter: That might be taking things a little too far.

Mr. Cheney: For the office, yes.  For you, no.

Scooter: I don’t think I understand.

Mr. Cheney: I’ll do the hard work.  My moles know the wife of the guy who blew the whistle on the yellow cake uranium.  We’ll show him by outing her.

Scooter: Do you want that coming back to your office?

Mr. Cheney: It won’t, but if it does, you take responsibility.  If I can’t get you pardoned, I’ll ride a wheelchair out of Washington on my last day in office.

Scooter: Okay, either a Presidential pardon, or you in a wheelchair.  That’s the play?

Mr. Cheney: Are you taking this action.

Scooter: I’m in.

Mr. Cheney: My guy does what I tell him to do.  I’ll tell him to pardon you and he’ll pardon you.

Scooter: No fines, no restrictions or probations.  No hundreds of hours of community service.  I do this and I get off clean, or you hit the wheels on national television?  Deal.

Mr. Bush did not pardon Irve Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby for taking the fall.  Did he defy Mr. Cheney, or did his former head of the CIA father explain the consequences of misleading The Company?

Either way, get over it.  George W. Bush has earned the right to fade away from what he left behind, just as President Obama earned the right to fix it.  Does that sound fair?  No?

Get over it.



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