You Might Be A Wrestler If…

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March 24, 2010 by David Gillaspie

You might be a wrestler if you know how to go to bed at night and get up in the morning. 

This may seem pretty elemental until you get around people who are tired all the time, and most tired just before competition.  There’s something dragging them down, and it drags their effort down. 

Unless you live in a barracks, or group home, and you are afraid to go to bed, keep regular hours.  Go to bed and turn out the light.  Clock your sleep time so you achieve peak awareness just before you compete. 

Is it a good idea?  Ask the people who start keeping the same hours as the country they will travel to for their event months before they go.

You might be a wrestler if you know how to eat.

Knowing how to eat means more than a Hot Pocket and a microwave.  It means keeping track of your diet so you’ll know what agrees with you.  Bad Bob’s Flamethrower Burrito before competition might not be the best move for some.  For others a steak might bog them down. 

What do marathoners do?  Carbo-load.  They’re going to burn up their stored energy and hit the wall at some time where they don’t think they can keep going.  Do your sport right and you’ll hit the wall also.  Winners usually hit the wall after losers.  Find the foods that work best for you.

You might be a wrestler if you know how to cook.

The best way to eat right is to cook right.  Look for leafy greens and lean protein.  If you’re used to tons of pasta and cheese, but you want to make a change, start with the basics.  Take spinach for example.  It works in a salad; it works with other food; it works raw or cooked.  It’s leafy.  It’s green. 

Poaching chicken doesn’t mean a predawn raid on the local hen-house.  It means boiling water.  You can boil water.  You can drop a hunk of raw chicken in boiling water.  Do that and you are poaching chicken.  Add herbs for flavor.  After the chicken is done, put it on a bed of spinach.

You might be a wrestler if you know how to walk.

Walk past the Spicy Chicken Sandwich for a dollar.  Walk past the corndog that’s been rolling on the 7-11 heater all week.  Walk past the soda machine.  Walk past the parking lot where everyone is lighting up.

Once you know how to walk by those things, run by.

You might be a wrestler if you know history.

Do you know history?  Here’s a warm-up. 

History of baseball:  If you get hit by a baseball while batting, you can’t pick the ball up and hit the pitcher back.  Do that and you’ll get the boot.  Besides, the pitcher wears a glove.  He’ll just catch the ball you throw at him and wave while you get ejected.

History of basketball:  If an opponent knocks you down, you can’t knock him down in retaliation.  You get fouled, but you can’t foul back without getting run.  If you knock the other guy down, then he gets the shots and waves to you on your way out.

History of football:  If you take someone down, you have to let them back up.  No leg riding or crossfaces in football.  Someone may try a crotch lift in a pile, but you’ll never see it.  Besides, if someone tries a crotch lift and it’s not for points, what the heck is really going on?

You might be a wrestler if you pick your friends right.

The right friends know how to eat, cook, walk.  They know history and how to get to sleep at night.  The right friends help you challenge yourself.  They do things you want to do, go places you want to go.  The right friends have ideas they share.  They aren’t afraid of conditioning.  They aren’t bashful in the weight room. 

The right friends go to the symphony and the cagefight.  The right friends lend a hand and take a punch.  The right friends share their accomplishments and show how they did it.

The right friends tell their stories the right way.

The right friends read



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