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March 19, 2010 by David Gillaspie

If momma ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy, so do your best. 

Support, from Webster’s dictionary:

1 : to endure bravely or quietly.
2 a (1) : to promote the interests or cause of (2) : to uphold or defend as valid or right <supports fair play> (3) : to argue or vote for <supported the motion to lower taxes> b (1) : assist, help <bombers supported the ground troops> (2) : to act with (a star actor) (3) : to bid in bridge so as to show support for c : to provide with substantiation : corroborate <support an alibi>
3 a : to pay the costs of : maintain <support a family> b : to provide a basis for the existence or subsistence of <the island could probably support three — A. B. C. Whipple> <support a habit>
4 a : to hold up or serve as a foundation or prop for b : to maintain (a price) at a desired level by purchases or loans; also : to maintain the price of by purchases or loans
5 : to keep from fainting, yielding, or losing courage : comfort
6 : to keep (something) going

How can you support wrestling?  If you are a wrestler, work hard and win matches in an engaging style.  If you’re anyone else, write a check.  Is there any more to do? 


You’ve heard of Facebook.  Have you heard of  the groups?  One of them is Wrestling, with 3500 members.

Another has 7000 members,

Together they have over 10,000 wrestlers in one place.  Get to know them if you have a facebook page.  If you don’t have a facebook page, make one. 

Login to your facebook account and go to and find all the Wrestling Group pages.  Make a wrestling Group for your area or team and get everyone you know to join it.  Maybe it’s already been done since the search for Wrestling Group showed four hundred and forty-three results. 

If facebook seems like to much for too little, or you’d rather not say you have a facebook page because you think it’s only for kids, then go to the Big Boy Facebook,  How many wrestling groups are on  Sixty three.  Login to your new linkedin account then hit 

How many people do you know belong to either facebook or linkedin?  Better yet, how many will admit it?  It doesn’t take an IT wizard to join either one, just an email and a password.  If you worry about online piracy and identity theft, and you should, then make a new email address to register.

Is wrestling a dying sport?  That’s what you hear, just not from wrestlers.  Is there anything to do about it?  Maybe.

I write about wrestling because I see connections with it to everything else.  The obese among us wrestle with their weight.  Politicians wrestle with policy.  Bankers wrestle with interest rates.  Only wrestlers do the real thing; only wrestlers know the word is more than an abstract idea.

When I read about a five hundred pound man losing weight by surgical means, I think of the tens of thousands of wrestlers who cut weight to make weight.  When I hear elected officials talk about wrestling with reforms, I wonder if they’ve ever been wrenched on.  

You can’t lift enough weight, or run enough miles, to make people care about wrestling.  There’s no number on a check big enough to bring fans in. 

But you can tell them what they are missing. 

You can put it in front of them and let them make the call, and do it again.


Read part one @


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