Bank Wrestler


March 6, 2010 by David Gillaspie

The manager at the bank asked what I write about.  I said wrestling, sort of.  I was there to open a checking account for my book. 

It’s the ‘sort of” addition that gives people with an axe to grind their opening.

I’ve seen this guy before, but never from the business end of his banker’s desk.  He said wrestling is over, that there’s no upside to wrestling after college.  So why bother writing about it, is what he said.  Why bother.

His comments deserve answers; they were unneccessary and wrong, but still deserve something.  Maybe there’s no upside to post college wrestling because it’s a miracle that anyone wrestles in college.  These are college guys doing college guy stuff, and wrestling. 

Do four years of that then talk about ‘upside.’ 

More colleges dropping wrestling means even less upside later than now, which is an upside at the moment.  

He could have said there’s no upside to high school wrestling and been just as wrong.  Kids grow up. 

Then he popped it.  He played football and baseball and needed the winter for ‘training.’  His football coach was the wrestling coach and he never joined the team.  There’s that axe.

He was bitter about not wrestling.  He had all the signs.  A wrestling face; wrestling body; graceful on his feet; a little edgy.  But he didn’t wrestle.  Then his baseball career didn’t happen and now he’s working a bank desk.  It’s a good gig, but he missed being the thumper he could have been.

I wanted to hear about him wrestling his last year, getting worked, and being glad for the experience.  Too bad he didn’t.

The banker didn’t get it.  He unlocked some attitude.  I’m thinking he’s not the right banker for me.

It’s not fair, but after the wrestling and the caregiving I’ve done, it’s easy to see why some people are ready to let go.  They’ve been quitting on themselves from the start.  They think it’s not their fault.

Be the Freestyle/Greco guy this spring.  Unlock some attitude of your own you can take to the bank.


3 thoughts on “Bank Wrestler

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  2. Stewart Barquist says:

    Makes good sense to me! I grew up in Henderson, Nevada. I was skinny, but loved sports. Played in all the kid sport, but found that I preferred boxing and football. In high school I discovered I was good at wrestling, and picked up the first state championship (1968)in my weight class. Earned a college scholarship, and learned I wasn’t invincible. Went into law enforcement, and had no trouble learning, and sometimes teaching defensive tactics. I ended up having to move up to North Bend, Oregon in 1977, and met Dave Abraham. I was surprised at the first tournament that none of the wrestlers were using the Grammby’s.
    Abe let me show some of them the moves. They did well! Abe would ask me to come to the wrestling room to help some of boys that might be going to college. I’m still a cop: 61 years old in April, and still confident that if it’s needed, I will take an offender to the ground and cuff him before either one of us gets hurt!

    • David Gillaspie says:

      Good to hear from you Stewart Barquist. I hope you look in the Wrestling Library. Dave Abraham had reach in and out of sports. I enjoy writing about him from the perspective of being one of his guys. You know how important a different point of view is. Thanks, Stewart.

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