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February 18, 2010 by David Gillaspie

Roy Pittman’s Wrestler’s Creed

(If you want to join the Peninsula Wrestling Club you have to know how to read.  Once you pass that test you read The Wrestler’s Creed and sign the paper.  Reading and writing and wrestling.  It’s worked for many.)

Would The Wrestler’s Creed work for University of Oregon football players?


I believe that wrestling is a sport that builds character and will lead me to be the best person that I can be. I believe that it will teach me the self-discipline I will need when I have to decide to do what is right even though I may not want to. I can help myself to be proud of myself by:

1.  Choosing my friends wisely.

2.  Knowing the difference between good actions and those that can be dangerous and avoiding those that can cause me harm.

3.  Getting the best education I can by listening to and respecting my teachers.

4.  Standing alone for what is right just like I must stand alone when I wrestle.

5.  Helping my parents, guardians or responsible adults do their job by listening to what they say and letting them know that I really do understand what they are saying.

6.  Not eating junk food, drinking soda pop, energy drinks or alcohol.

7.  Preventing addiction by not smoking cigarettes or using illegal drugs.

8.  Protecting my ears from becoming damaged from wrestling.

9.  Always respecting my teammates and my opponents.

10. Taking responsibility for my actions.

11. Remembering that I can learn more from losing than winning.

12. Admitting when I am wrong.

13. Correcting errors.

14. Encouraging other wrestlers to think about the wrestler’s creed.

15. Taking the high road where the view is so much better than the low road.

16. Avoiding TV programs, movies, pop culture stars and music that glorify disgusting behavior.

17. Choosing role models that will support me and who make good decisions in their own lives.

18. I believe that life is what I say to myself and I want to be able to say the right things.

19. I will support the wrestler’s creed my whole life and if I have children, I will encourage them to do the same.


Can you read this?  It’s not the Boy Scouts, or the Pledge of Allegiance.  It’s the Wrestler’s Creed.  It’s a promise, one that you make to yourself.

Look at the people around you.  Are they your friends?  You can tell by their actions.

Look at the adults around you.  Are they your role models?  If not, then maybe you are theirs.

Recently a young man told me he wanted to have a big family when he got married.  He wants four kids.  I explained my family theory:

One kid is a hobby.

Two kids are a family.

Three kids are a danger to a happy household with that kid in the middle attitude.

Four kids will eventually gain the upper hand; you’re doomed.

Then he explained why four kids:

“There are things a parent can’t teach a kid that a brother and sister can.  A Dad isn’t going to take his kid out to shoot sling shots at bottles.  He isn’t going to sneak the BB gun out of the closet and set up targets on the back fence.  A brother will.

“I want my kids to learn from their mistakes while they are small, then they’ll see the big mistakes before they happen.  Brothers and sisters learn from each other.  They learn about the pecking order and right and wrong.”

I asked him how many kids were in his family.  He said four.  I asked him if any of them wrestled.  He said they all did. 

End of questions.  Call me short-sighted, but a wrestling family is a good family.  He knows it.  You know it. 

Send a few University of Oregon football players to The Pit and they’ll know it, too.

If they don’t go to The Pit, at least have The Wrestler’s Creed on the table during National Letter of Intent signing day.

 The Wrestlers Creed       Roy Pittman – Author

“Every so often you get to know someone who has aspirations of writing a book. “The Wrestlers Creed” is a dynamic book, that was written by a very special person that had that for a goal. A great interactive tool to assist an athlete to learn from great lessons while experiencing them.” 

Peninsula Wrestling Club
Roy PIttman
700 N. Rosa Parks Way
Portland, Oregon


2 thoughts on “University of Roy Pittman

  1. dellrott says:

    Mr. Pittman, in my heart I hope wrestlers really learn the good things in your creed. But I’m afraid they don’t learn near that much from the sport.

    • David Gillaspie says:

      I chose Mr. Pittman to represent discipline because of the national and international wrestlers he’s had in his room. Since I borrowed his creed I chose to pay back with his book picture. About a thousand more people saw it the day I posted than saw it the day before. That can’t be bad anywhere.


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