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February 1, 2010 by David Gillaspie

With a subject as complex as health care reform it is helpful to break things down to smaller parts.

Start with definitions. 

A politician is someone who works for The People.  What is the main job?  Getting re-elected.  He can’t do the work of The People if he’s not in office.

A doctor is someone who works with The People.  What is the main job?  Treating disease so The People can lead productive lives.

A blogger is someone motivated enough by an issue to take a side.  What is the main job?  Clarifying the issue with good manners in tact, which is nice.

Check me if I’m wrong:  Big Pharma is something that develops and releases new medicine to help doctors treat The People.  What is their main job?  

Research and development of how much to charge for their products.

Insurance is an industry that decides how much medical treatment The People receive.  What is their main job?  Research and development on how to charge the most and deliver the least.

Now for the tricky part.

When the Supreme Court took the leash off of corporate political money, will the big money support those politicians who vote on issues regarding even bigger money.  Will insurance companies and Big Pharma back the congressmen and women who lift their bottom line? 

Some of The People will pay higher insurance rates and pay more for prescriptions.  Others will fold their hand at the higher costs and do without. 

Republicans traditionally side with big business, and that’s good for traditional Republicans, so is it too far fetched to think the Supreme Court action on corporate spending for elections will favor Republicans? 

Suspend your belief in right or left a moment and consider the best results of health care reform: deserving Americans will get the treatments they need to live more productive lives.  Will doctors and insurance executives and drug manufacturers end up in the soup line if deserving Americans get the treatment they need to live more productive lives? 

At the end of the day you end up with one question: who is deserving of the medical treatment to live a better life, and who isn’t? 

Do you make that call?  Do you vote for someone who decides which people deserve medical treatment?  If you do, check to see if they are healthcare providers. 

If the are not seeing patients, then all they see are the numbers.


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