Bandwagon Toenails

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June 30, 2009 by David Gillaspie


Sports fans jump from team to team, but not in Portland.  Where else is there to jump after the Blazers?  If you’ve been away from the Blazers but feel the pull to rejoin the crowd, then do it right.

You can’t just start being a fan again.  Oh you can, but that makes you something you don’t want to be.  If you’ve been away, why not show you belong back in the fold.  You can do it by hiking the hill the Blazers stars love, Benchview in Tigard.

Last summer I saw Brandon Roy working the incline.  Other’s have seen G O..  Picture yourself there.  For the sake of self-respect you have to do it right. 

The Blazers need to get tougher, and so do you.  Instead of lacing up the Nikes, or the cross trainers, or the marathon shoes you bought three years ago and still in the box, find your oldest shoes.

Broken down shoes on Benchview will do two things.  First it’s the pain, but you’re not slowing for that.  Second it’s the black toenails from hammering it up the hill.  You don’t stop for that either.

I promised I’d walk Benchview as long as the Blazers were in the playoffs.  It cost five toenails.  Five.  If they’d stayed alive and it took ten toenails, okay.

So prep up, toughen up, strap on the boots and get ready for the run coming up.  No, no, not a run up the hill.  With the brogans you’ve got on you’ll be lucky to limp up.  And that’s the beginning.  We’re talking about the Blazers’ run to the championship finals.

By hiking Benchview you’ll be right there with them.  Tired, broken down, but pushing to finish big.  And you will too.  You’ll be wearing the black and red, but it won’t be a uniform and it won’t wash off.

  black toe


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