Bad Pet Primer


June 9, 2009 by David Gillaspie


Friends of DG’s B&B are animal people.  They love their pets.  One visitor explains Mike Vick’s problem:

“Michael Vick, the All-Pro quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League, is a dog owner.  His favorite dog is a pitbull. 

“I’ve known many a dog and a pitbull seems like the ultimate dog, a medium sized muscle dog.  The ones I’ve known were family pets.  That’s the difference between the dogs I’ve known and Mike Vick’s dogs. 

“Mike’s dogs were trained killers.  Like him, they were professionals.  Unlike him, their life was a single elimination tournament, lose one and they are done.

“While some opinion goes with Mike’s right to privacy and property, other’s go with the cruelty to animals argument. 

“What I’ve noticed in both instances is that no one has read Harry Crews’ FEAST OF SNAKES.  The dog training/fighting sections of this book compress the number of arguments to one. 

“What makes Feast Of Snakes so poignant is the setting in rural Georgia.  The book reads like  a primer on southern living.  It taught how to make love (envision Nazi death camps), how much to bench press (over 350), how to hunt rattlesnake, how to say hello to an old girlfriend, and how to play high school football.

“Yet the through story holding reign over those elements is how to run a dog fighting empire, including what happens to old dogs, human and canine.  Spoiler: the don’t return to the NFL.

“Feast Of Snakes earns a rare five fang rating. 

\/ \/ \/ \/ \/  

If only Mike had read it in college.”


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