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May 30, 2009 by David Gillaspie

A late check-in to DGs B&B reads a passage in the guest book.  They see the drawing of the wrestlers from the Grecian urn and read about a bad flying dream.  They have the Relationship Room for two nights.

Most couples in the Relationship Room would do better with a night in the History Suite and the next in the Learning Room.  Once they’ve learned to handle their past they can learn to plan a future.  It works out better and it’s easier on the furniture.

The man touches the guest book.

“Wrestling.  Look at that drawing.  I saw something like that in a museum.”

“I’m glad we’re not in the Sports Room, or where ever this person was.”

There is no outward evidence that the room names change according to the guest survey.

“We can never get away from wrestling, can we?”

“You can’t.  You see a couple arm in arm and you try to explain a Russian two on one.”

He smiles and takes her arm.

“I didn’t have to show you.”

She shrugs loose and traps his arm in a movement so smooth it doesn’t look threatening.

“My brother was a double state champ.  You’ve seen the picture of him going over the top.”

“More than once, dear.  And it’s scary as hell”

She uses his arm as a tiller and guides him toward the stairs .

“He didn’t want to be there…”

They speak together:

“…but he got up afterward.”

“That’s the best part,” she said.

“He got up?”

“That he didn’t quit.  He pulled it together and came back and beat that guy.”

“Love the comeback.”

They walk past the Learning Room.

“I wonder what that room is all about?” she asked

“Maybe there’s a mat in there and you learn how to overcome things.”

“It’s in the family blood.”



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