The Ticket

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May 21, 2009 by David Gillaspie

A guest in the Victim Room wants peace and quiet but can’t stop telling about his traffic problem:

“Wife and kids in a van going to the airport with an exchange student late for his plane.  And the cop gets me for five miles an hour too fast.

My old neighbor had been to prison a few times and told me what he did during a felony police stop, which was every time he got stopped since he’s a felon.

Move very slow and tell the officer you are reaching for your wallet, but wait for his approval before moving.

So I did it by the numbers and didn’t get a ticket but the officer said “Most policemen would have given you a ticket just for your attitude, but your record is perfect so I’m giving a warning.”

Imagine the kids in the car after the cop tells me the same thing I tell them, you’ve got a bad attitude.  Out of control and I blame the police

Now my family is in chaos.  No order.  When I tell a kid to do something they give me the felony stop routine.


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