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May 8, 2009 by David Gillaspie

A wet morning at the B&B means stretching the eggs.  A bright morning needs a fast bowl of scrambled eggs and out the door.  Gray and rainy takes a request hour.  Guests order sunny side up, over easy, an omelet, or take their chances with the cook’s choice.

The woman from the Wellness Penthouse asked for scrambled eggs, “but only if you whisk them and fold them until they look like custard.”

The guest before her stayed two nights.  He lived with his mother, helping her through her daily tasks.  He liked his eggs fried in peanut oil but got them in butter and didn’t complain.

Today’s scrambled eggs weren’t whipped or folded and they were perfect.

“I’m not surprised at what anyone says.  If they say they’ve met the man who invented radar I’d believe them.”

“Not such a good example since radar wasn’t a one man invention,” said a museum man.

“Are you the man holding the Magna Carta in a photograph?”

He pointed across the table, “That’s him.”

“It was encapsulated in Argon gas and sandwiched between bulletproof glass, but I held it just the same.”

The couple from Learning Room listened in.

“You see?” the woman said.  “They are talking about a document that bridges time and culture.  And we still have it and know about it.  I’d like a cheese omelet please.”

“If Runnymede had been more than a water-meadow the barons and King John would have needed a bridge.  Just toast, thanks.”

Another man from the History Suite watched the rain hit the window.

“June 15, 1215 was a wet day too,” he said.

“It was England,” his friend said.


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