Wet Paint

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May 6, 2009 by David Gillaspie

Welcome to DeeGees B & B.  Good food and conversation.  Modern facilities.  Theme rooms.  You can check in anytime you want and leave when it feels right.   

Here at the B & B we don’t ask personal questions, but we want to make sure we get you in the right space to relax.  Sometimes it doesn’t work out.

The couple in the Learning Room argue for social priority, money for bridges or schools.

Three men in the History Suite pitch each other fund raising ideas for their museum.

The woman in the Wellness Penthouse chastises herself for being a bad caregiver.

 The other rooms are quiet for now.

 A woman’s voice from the Learning Room, “Who do you think builds bridges?  It’s not the mechanical engineer changing your oil.”

 Man’s voice, “Is it the green engineer who does your hair?”

Woman, “My hair?  You’ve never mentioned my hair.”

 A cheer bursts from the History Suite.

 First man’s voice, “Say it again.  It was great.”

 Second man, “It takes too long.”

 Third man, “Do a short version.”

 Second man, “Okay, the Magna Carta in one room, the U.S Constitution in another with works of art from each period for support.  Part of a greater theme called American Roots, a series of art and history.”

First man, “It was better the first time.”

 Third man, “Too short.  You left out the fun.  And you misused theme.”

A woman’s voice from the Wellness Penthouse, “You don’t care enough.  If you did you wouldn’t be here and people wouldn’t be so sick.”

Man from Learning, “Your hair is fine.  Looks natural.”


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